Friday, 19 September 2008


Since the release of the Fleshlight Girls range of male masturbators. Fleshlight have aquired additional market share and therefore, increased sales since bringing them to market. The Fleshlight Girls range includes six of the world's hottest porn stars re-created using their unique, life like material. Each of the Fleshlight inserts has been molded directly from the star herself and perfectly replicates every last detail to ensure an almost perfect copy of her love hole. Fleshlight have moved away from their traditional black torch case housing and replaced it with a pearlescent white special edition casing. The Fleshlight Girls have also signed the replica, showing their approval for these six unqiue male mastubators. Fleshlight have long been the worlds No 1 selling boys toy and when combined to their latest project, it ensures they'll keep ahead of this competitive market.

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