Friday, 24 October 2008

Screaming O Toys

The latest range of Screaming O Toys has finally arrived in the UK and they look like they'll be an instant hit. Screaming O have long been know for their high quality vibrating cock rings have now ventured into the Female Sex Toy market too. Their latest innovations include the Screaming O Bullet Vibrator, cute little Screaming O Bullet Buddies and even the new LingO Oral Vibrator. The powerful mini bullets are waterproof and offer a powerful single speed, chosen over a 3 speed bullet as the feedback was that they can be off putting during use. Screaming O seem to have the perfect line up of sex toys for couples, whether it be the diposable vibrating cock ring or 9 speed Big O Cock Ring. Ladies should take a look at the Screaming Octopus Clitoral Mini Vibrator or FingO Finger Vibrator to see why these new Adult Sex Toys may well find their way into the collection.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sexy Gifts

There are more than just Sex Toys to stimulate and awaken the senses, enter Sexy Gifts. Experimenting with one of the many Sexy Gifts available, we have found that foreplay for couples will improve and become far more enjoyable for both partners. The varied variety and ability to relax, becoming more susceptible to each others actions, it appears that sexual stimulation and enjoyment is improved. The choice of Sexy Adult Gifts continues to grow as the demand for products not simply to increase sexual stimulation but to inject a little romance too, increases. Manufacturers such as Kama Sutra and Lovers Choice were both quick to react to this growing market and now both offer a wide and varied selection of Romantic Gifts. Next time, why not incorporate a little extra romance into your foreplay and find out how these products can open the door to far greater pleasure.

Friday, 19 September 2008


Since the release of the Fleshlight Girls range of male masturbators. Fleshlight have aquired additional market share and therefore, increased sales since bringing them to market. The Fleshlight Girls range includes six of the world's hottest porn stars re-created using their unique, life like material. Each of the Fleshlight inserts has been molded directly from the star herself and perfectly replicates every last detail to ensure an almost perfect copy of her love hole. Fleshlight have moved away from their traditional black torch case housing and replaced it with a pearlescent white special edition casing. The Fleshlight Girls have also signed the replica, showing their approval for these six unqiue male mastubators. Fleshlight have long been the worlds No 1 selling boys toy and when combined to their latest project, it ensures they'll keep ahead of this competitive market.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Flexi Rabbit Vibrator

Nasstoys have recently lauched their latest range of Sex toys that includes their new range of Femme Fatale Adult Toys. The Pleaser Teaser Flexi Rabbit Vibrator is unqiue with it's flexible shaft, allowing you to adjust the angle of the shaft to accurately target your clitoral area for increased clitoral stimualtion. The Vibrator is also slightly smaller in size to other Rabbit Vibators, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a little less in the size department. The soft jelly twisting shaft also improves the level of sensation as it is inserted and offers four options of vibration and pulsation. Each of the vibrating functions can be quickly and easily selected via the push button at the base of the Rabbit Vibrator. Available in a choice of two fantastic colours, we are certain the the Please Teaser Flexible Rabbit Vibrator is sure to be an instant hit. Available from the Nice Sex Toys online Sex Shop.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sex Toys

There are many leading online Sex Toy websites within the UK, so we decided that it may help to post any information we feel may be of use. Here you will find the latest info on various Adult Toys including Dildos, Vibrators and any items of an Adult nature. If you have used Sex Toys in the past or thinking of trying one for the first time - check back here for the latest news. We will be posting news on some of the latest Adult products to hit the UK and of course, those regulary sort after Sex Toys too. Be it a basic Vibrator or more luxurious Sex Toy, we will try to cover them as they hit the online Sex Shop.